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peter quill
I come from a planet of outlaws: Billie the Kid, Bonnie and Clyde, John Stamos...


Sep. 16th, 2017 02:30 pm
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Paper cutter x 1
Scissors x 1
Notepad x 1
Newton's cradle x 1
Radio x 1
File folder x 1
Sunglasses x 1
Paper cup x 1
Notepad x 1
Pen x 1
Chair cushion x 1
Bath slippers x 1
Coffee mug x 1
Bubble bath x 1
Throw pillow x 1
Deodorant x 1
Shower Curtain x 1
Red Paint x 1
Paintbrush x 1
Turpentine x 1
Firewood x 1
Hand saw x 1
Woman's coat in a dry cleaning bag in a box x 1
Baby blanket x 1
Child sized backpack x 1
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Day 265
Character Movements
Starting Location: IIJ12 - 280
HHI11 - thorough search
GGH9 - 273 (passing through)
FFG9 - 287 (passing through)
Ending Location: VV12 - 276
Notes: Stephen runs into Bucky, Steph, and Peter separately at the empty square that was once building 279. He and Peter leave together.

Day 266
Character Movements
Starting Location: VV12 - 276
WW10 - 274
Ending Location: VV12 - 276
Notes: Stephen and Peter go west to pick up Stephen's Cloak, but it surprises them by coming to meet them and ambushing them in building 274. They decide to turn back and go for the maintenance tunnels via the radiation zone rather than continuing on toward Hsiaoke Pass.

Day 267
Character Movements
Starting Location: VV12 - 276
VV12 - 287 (skywalk - passing through)
GGH9 - 273 (passing through)
Ending Location: IIJ12 - 280
Notes: Stephen and Peter still heading south, now with additional Cloak.

Day 268
Character Movements
Starting Location: IIJ12 - 280
Ending Location: FFG18 - 296
Notes: Stephen and Peter head into the radiation zone, Geiger counters turned on.

Day 269
Character Movements
Starting Location: FFG18 - 296
Ending Location: DDE22 - 303
Notes: Stephen and Peter are still traveling together; they take this evening to rest rather than pressing on through the maintenance tunnels yet.

Day 270
Character Movements
Starting Location: DDE22 - 303
Maintenance tunnels - from building 303 to building 122 (7 squares)
Ending Location: V11 - 122
Notes: Stephen and Peter spend the entire day finding their way through the maintenance tunnels, likely getting pretty disoriented under Hsiaoke Pass. By the time they find somewhere they can come up it's past lockdown; neither is familiar with this house but they tentatively identify it via Natasha's town guide.

Day 271
Character Movements
Starting Location: V11 - 122
Maintenance tunnels (3 squares)
K11 - 56
Ending Location: J10 - 51
Notes: Stephen and Peter spend the day in the tunnels again (so lazy with their resting instead of traveling by night!) and pop up south of the school.

Day 272
Character Movements
Starting Location: J10 - 51
G6 - 29
Ending Location: G6 - 29
Notes: Stephen and Peter are traveling together. They'll meet up with House and Wilson in Building 29.

Day 273
Character Movements
Starting Location: G5 - 29
H6 - 30 (quick)
E6 - 35
Ending Location: E6 - 35
Notes: House, Wilson, Stephen, and Peter are traveling together until evening when House and Wilson break off to one building and Peter and Stephen go to the other.

Day 274
Character Movements
Starting Location:E6 - 35
D8 - 37 (thorough)
Ending Location: D8 - 37
Notes: Peter punches House and goes off traveling alone.

Day 275
Character Movements
Starting Location: D8 - 37
E9 - 40 (thorough)
E9 - 47 (thorough)
Ending Location: E9 - 47
Notes: Peter is traveling alone.

Day 276
Character Movements
Starting Location: E9 - 47
F9 - 41 (thorough)
G10 - 53 (thorough)
Ending Location: G10 - 53
Notes: Peter is traveling alone.

Day 277
Character Movements
Starting Location: G10 - 53
No movement
Ending Location: G10 - 53
Notes: Peter meets up with Bucky and John that night.

Day 278
Character Movements
Starting Location: G10 - 53
K11 - 56 (Enter maintenance tunnels)
Ending Location: K11 - 56 (Maintenance Tunnels)
Notes: Peter and Bucky will be traveling through the maintenance tunnels overnight.

Day 279
Character Movements
Starting Location: ZZ27 - 316 (Peter and Bucky have traveled through the maintenance tunnels overnight.)
BBC29 - 324 (thorough)
Ending Location: BBC29 - 324
Notes: Peter and Bucky are traveling together and can finally get some sleep.


Day 280
Character Movements
Starting Location: BBC29 - 324
ZZ27 - 316
Ending Location: ZZ27 - 316
Notes: Peter and Bucky are traveling together, literally run into House, Wilson, and Stephen and they all head for 316 when things get bad. Peter tries to 'help' people get through it, disaster ensues.
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*** PETER JASON QUILL AKA STAR-LORD has joined 999.27.193.01
<> Communication systems online, all functions are GO.
<> If I'm not in, I'm probably out being a hero. Leave a message, or don't, it's your life.
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Name: Indy
Contact: PM, indymica @ Plurk
Other Characters: None

Character Name: Peter Quill
Age: 37
Canon: Guardians of the Galaxy / MCU
Canon Point: Right after GOTG Vol. 2
Character Information: History here

Personality: Peter Quill is a child of the 80's, born in 1980, and growing up with GI Joe, Knight Rider, Trolls, and Alf. He constantly makes pop culture references, which is even all the more hilarious when his pop culture references can only go up to 1988, when he was abducted by Yondu from earth. He's very comfortable and familiar around alien cultures and technology, since he spent the rest of his childhood and life in space. He often baffles the other aliens with his random references, but he doesn't care, he'll still make them anyway. He's sometimes the only one laughing at his own jokes. He has an admittedly weird creative streak and loves to dance.

Family is a big thing to Peter. He still feels guilt over his reactions at his mother's death, and it is still very upsetting to him. He never knew his biological father (until much later), however he had a surrogate one, Yondu. Despite thinking Yondu was cruel to him, he realizes later on that he was pretty much the father he never had, despite his faults. Peter's real father is a sore spot, as it turns out that he was the one that gave his mother a brain tumor, and tried to trick Peter into helping him take over the universe. When that didn't work, he was basically going to use him as a battery for a millenia. Peter immediately tried to kill Ego upon finding out that he killed his mother. The other Guardians are his family as well, despite their arguing and fights, he truly loves and cares for them all. He's a big softy underneath all of his bluster, and is very sentimental, holding onto his walkman and cassette for years. He misses his mother terribly, and when Yondu dies, it hits him very hard.

Peter is sarcastic, preferring to hit a punchline even if it will hurt someone's feelings, as long as it's funny. He's got a pretty big ego himself, ironically, but there's a lot of bravado mixed in there as well. He knows he's a screw up when it comes down to it--he was a criminal and thief for years--but that's what helped him to relate to the other Guardians. Being from earth gives him a measure of separation from the aliens, a lot of them never let him forget that he's human (which is ironic, considering he finds out that he's only half-human). He had to learn to shrug it off or at least pretend like it didn't bother him, to avoid showing weakness to the Ravagers he grew up with.

The other Guardians have accepted him the way he is, and he's never really had friends to defend before. Having people this close to him, and caring about them and what happens to them, is different, but a good sort of different. He very much likes having them around, enjoying their teamwork and camaraderie. He actually can do a pretty decent motivational speech when it's necessary. He's good at putting the big picture before his own needs, and this gives him a very strong heroic streak. He'd gladly sacrifice himself (and has done so) for his friends, especially Gamorra.

Gamorra has gotten to him like no other woman has. Normally, he doesn't care all that much about the (alien) women he's pursued, he's never committed to anyone, never had a long-term relationship. He's a natural flirt, but he feels guilty about being flirty around other women if Gamorra is around. For someone who's never had any real, strong friendship with anyone before the Guardians, he finds himself drawn to Gamorra. Because of this, he probably won't be pursing a relationship with anyone, as he'd feel too guilty about it, even if they're not officially dating or anything. This is a huge change of character for him, compared to the kind of person he used to be.

Peter is fairly amoral when it comes to a lot of criminal activity, he has a definite pirate's-life-for-me-type attitude, but he certainly recognizes when it's not appropriate to steal something (unlike Rocket). He follows his own code, and has his own rules about right and wrong that he staunchly goes by, which doesn't necessarily line up with galactic law. However, he has no problem breaking other people's rules, especially for the greater good. He thinks a lot of rules are stupid, anyway. He is willing to kill when necessary, but he's not particularly cold-blooded. He'd knock someone out first, rather than shoot them in the head, if they're not attacking him. However, if he's being attacked or if the situation calls for it, he'd willingly kill.

He's actually fairly clever, even if he can be a bit of an idiot sometimes. He thinks extremely outside the box (way, way outside the box) and comes up with unique plans (or weird ones) that end up being somehow sucessful, like when he challenged Ronan to a dance off to distract him.

5-10 Key Character Traits: Creative, annoying, clever, funny, stubborn, opportunistic, brave, tenacious, musical, quick
Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, EITHER, or opt for 100% RANDOMIZATION? Conflicts
Opt-Outs: Demon, nephilim, wendigo, lich, werebear, vampire

Roleplay Sample:
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This is Peter! I'm probably out being a hero or something, so leave a message. Or don't. It's your life.


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CHARACTER SERIES: Guardians of the Galaxy


Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Yes
Fourthwalling: Yes.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): No smut.


Hugging this character: Yes.
Kissing this character: Yes, but he's gonna be really guilty about it because of Gamora.
Flirting with this character: Yes.
Fighting with this character: Big ol' yes.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes, no limits on severity.
Killing this character: Yes, more than welcome to! Let's plot it out.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes.
Warnings: N/A

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How am I doing with Peter?
Thanks so much in advance!


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